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Resination Series - Page 2

This series is called the Resination Series because each of the works is coated with resin. I start with 12” x 12” stretched canvases. Some are painted and others have digital photos printed on paper and adhered to the canvas. Usually other elements such as beads, wire, cotton balls or more paper are added. In some recent pieces I have cut into the canvas creating a window through which you can see something that I added behind it. This gives the piece actual depth. With this series I am exploring the illusion of depth and how it relates to actual depth. Also, the resin coating creates a feeling of even more depth because it is so hard and shiny. The resin coating also makes the work more of an object.


None of the works have titles. They are numbered in the order in which they have been made. Missing numbers are pieces that have been sold and are not pictured here.

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