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15,000 Roses


Steel Rods, Steel Fencing, Dried Roses Dipped in Paverpol, Paint

8'3"h x 6'1"w x 4'4"d

15,000 Roses

This sculpture is made with steel rods, steel fencing, and 15,000 roses that I have dried and dipped in Paverpol, a milk-like substance that dries as a clear plastic. A visitor can walk into the sculpture. The interior surface is composed of the jutting, thorny stems of the roses. One entering it will likely feel a bit uneasy. The exterior is composed of the dried blossoms giving rise to thoughts about faded beauty or the end of life.

Rose Series-15,000 Roses by Niki Ketchman.jpg
15,000 Roses, Rose Stems, interior by Niki Ketchman.jpg
15,000 Roses, Outside, Roses by Niki Ketchman.jpg

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