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Sculpture for Home Use

The works in Sculpture for Home Use are pieces that are hybrids of sculptures, furniture and toys. The visitor can do more than just look at these sculptures. They can be used, if in perhaps untraditional ways. For instance, some are to be leaned on, or gotten into, or climbed on or used to stash one's valuables in. They are intended to be visually beautiful but also enjoyed with a little humor.


The inkjet prints, while making comments about life today, depict people using these sculptures/furniture pieces/toys.



Comforter by Niki Ketchman
In Tent, view 2 by Niki Ketchman

In Tent

Inside Out

Inside Out, Curtain by Niki Ketchman
Rolls Roles by Niki Ketchman

Rolls Roles

Safe Keeping

Safe Keeping.jpg
Snake in the Grass by Niki Ketchman

Snake in the Grass


Staggering as a Sculpture by Niki Ketchman
Upside Down, Balls Down by Niki Ketchman

Upside Down

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