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Bed of Roses


Steel Rods, Steel Plate, Aluminum Sheet, Ink Jet Print with Archival Inks on Canvas, Silk Rose Petals, Acrylic Medium


7'h x 2'w x 2'd

Bed of Roses

If one stands on the base of the sculpture facing out he can lean back and be in the bed of roses. The digital print on canvas depicts flowered bedding and pillows. In the center is what looks like an indentation where a person had previously been. Here are three views. The video shows me talking about Bed of Roses during a tour of an exhibition in which it was included at the Silvermine Arts Center.

Bed of Roses, Front View by Niki Ketchman.jpg
Bed of Roses, Back View by Niki Ketchman.jpg
Bed of Roses, Side View by Niki Ketchman.jpg

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